Friday, April 20, 2012

For the Girls!!

This week, Daisy has not been feeling well. Monday night was the toughest. Miss Daisy was up all night. So was momma. There was a fever, some chills, lots of cuddles. Tuesday was a very slow day. Daisy slept most of the day. That left momma, well hanging around.

I watched a lot of TV this week. Made lots of grilled cheese sammies, with soup. Finally got back on twitter. :) And found some new blogs to read. That includes this one. Loaded with tons of yummy recipes. Including Pink Lemonade Whoopie Pies.

Anna Marie and I, had planned a playdate for our girls. A few weeks ago. For Tuesday. Obviously, that wasn't going to happen. But yesterday afternoon, Daisy was feeling much better. We were itching to get out. I called Anna Marie, and we met at the park. Had some snacks. Including these yummy delights! Let me tell you, this is something that will make any girl's heart sing!!

It was a delicious afternoon!! Perfect for Miss Daisy. As she is now feeling better. It's funny how a little sun, some good friends, and a yummy dessert, do a girl so good! I'm glad that we met up. And I look forward to another yummy playdate. Soon! Before it gets too hot outside. And I start to waddle around. ☼

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Mix and Match Mama said...

I'm so glad that you like the whoopie pies! I think they're delish too!